Welcome To 2019: The Royal Baby Is A Meme Already

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Riverdale fans are exploding the internet. 

Are Price Harry and Meghan Markle Riverdale die-hards? 

The internet sure thinks so. 

And look, we know the internet thinks a lot of things, but the part of the online universe populated by Riverdale fans may be onto something. 

See, Hazza and Megs just revealed the name of their new baby boy. 

The royal bub has been dubbed Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (mouthful, much?) and Riverdale fans are convinced it’s a nod to the show’s main character, Archie Andrews.

Yup, if there's a pop-culture link to be made, you can rest assured the internet will find it. 

Riverdale fans around the globe are reacting in the way all good social media-users do: with memes. 

The OG Archie himself has even weighed in on the conspiracy theories:


We just can't believe the royal baby is already a meme already. But hey, that's modern royalty for ya. 

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Written By Brynn Davies