We have a lot of questions for MAFS bride Martha and her crazy hat

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Seriously, what is she wearing?

The Married At First Sight brides got together for drinks on Tuesday night’s episode and a lot happened. 

A lot of things we don’t understand. And we have questions. 

Like, why go to a boring bar for drinks ladies? Go to a bloody club or somewhere more exciting and have some proper fun. 

And Ines, honey, do you have more than one hairstyle? 

And what was with all of the yelling?!

And Martha…

Martha, Martha, Martha. 


You’re great and all, but what is with your hat? 

Is it for real? Because we’re pretty certain a pink sequinned leopard print cowboy hat with a pink zebra prints sash (WE’RE NOT KIDDING) cannot be legit but we just have to check. 

Do you really think it’s fashion?

Did you lose a bet? 

Are you just having a laugh? 

Is the wardrobe stylist okay? Are YOU okay?

This isn’t the first time the hat curse has struck on MAFS. 

On Monday night’s episode, Cam’s choice of headwear while revealing his L-U-R-V-E for Jules also gained some attention.

But tbh, we understand wearing a fedora on a beach holiday. Gotta block those damaging UV rays and keep yourself looking youthful. 

Also it’s peak middle-aged man trying to be cool.

So we get it. 

But a pink fedora is the type of hat we can’t get on board with. 

We’re pretty sure there’s some sort of MAFS hat conspiracy going on. 

We wonder if Ines will walk into tonight’s episode wearing a top hat?  

Images: Channel Nine / MAFS, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi