We finally know when new eps for Season two of 13 Reasons Why drop in Australia

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13 Reasons Why

Get ready, Oz.

Hugely popular (albeit quite controversial) Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is set to return to Aussie screens on May 18th (which is tomorrow, ya’ll) for its second season and fans are desperate to find out what’s next for the chilling drama

The season, which will take a look at the aftermath of Hannah’s death, deals with the discovery of a message suggesting that “Hannah wasn’t the only one” and the tension that follows... 

If you’re one of the Aussie fans who’s eagerly waiting for the release of the next instalment of 13 Reasons Why, we have some good news! Netflix has revealed the exact time new episodes will be dropping in your state.

Check out the breakdown below:

And just in case you need it, the Netflix team also decided to help fans out with a quick refresher on everything that went down in season one. If you're looking to catch up or to just tide yourself over until the new season drops, you can check that out below:

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