Watch Ex-Bride Ines Basic Cry In Her MAFS Audition Tape

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“I’m surprised I haven’t been married yet”  

Ines Basic is the Married At First Sight Bride the whole of Australia loved to hate. 

Since her dramatic exit after last week’s commitment ceremony, the show hasn’t felt the same without her

It’s been noticeably calmer (if you don’t count Cyrell’s blow up last night) and full of romance and that’s just not what reality TV is about. 

But don’t be sad, we’re here to save the day. 

Ines’ MAFS audition tape will definitely fill that reality TV villain-sized hole in your heart. 

9Honey posted the footage and it’s full of some doozy one-liners. 

Ines kicks off by saying “I feel like that would suit me. Like, an extreme thing for an extreme girl.”

Points for selling yourself, Ines. 

Ines also tells producers she wants her future beau to be “muscly so he can hold me- it’s like HOT” and “a bit of like a bad one, like a bad boy. Like a little bit edgy.”

We’re not sure Bronson did much ‘holding’ of Ines but if eyebrow rings and tattoos are what define a bad boy, then he for sure fit that criteria. 

Ines is also asked what she’s like in a relationship. 

“Annoying,” she said. 

At the very end of the video the ex-MAFS bride gets a lil’ bit emotional talking about marriage and kids. 

"All my friends are like 28 with three kids… I feel like I'm left out. "I think I'm ready now to have children. That's why when I see children, I'm so emotional," she said.

“I’m surprised I haven’t been married yet.”

Ines then starts to cry and we're not sure if the tears are fake or reality TV has just turned us into cynical monsters. 

Check out the full audition tape here

Images: MAFS / Channel Nine , Giphy / Giphy. 


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