Waleed Aly has proposed a new date for Australia Day

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And no, it’s not the date Vegemite was invented. 

Summer is nigh, people. We can smell it. 

And as excited as we are for denim shorts and thongs, there’s a more serious conversation to be had first: what are we going to do about that pesky Australia Day date?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison thinks he has the answer, proposing a new public holiday which specially recognises Indigenous Australians earlier this week. 

Because that’s a good way to offset national guilt…

But Waleed Aly thinks we should reschedule Australia Day completely. 

He even has a suggestion for the new date: March 2. 

“It was the date that the Australia Acts were passed,” Aly explained on Tuesday night’s episode of The Project. 

“Up until that point the British government could’ve more or less eliminated Australia. They could’ve just passed a law and said Australia no longer exists … so it was only then that we became a proper fully independent or sovereign nation.”

Aly voiced his opinion on the program following a discussion of ScoMo’s proposal for a new public holiday. 

He believes the date-change is “the next inevitability” and that people will shift to the new date “pretty easily.”

March 2 isn’t the only date in discussion. 

According to the ABC, Eddie McGuire is a fan of the May 27 date change. 

For those who don’t have an encyclopaedia for a brain, that’s the date in 1967 Australia held a referendum to include Indigenous Australians in the census count. 

May 8 is also a strong contender because, M8. MAAAATE.

Because we need more convincing, Aly also noted that “the weather’s good in March so let’s get to it!”

And if Australia Day is in March, it’s like we all get an extended summer holiday. So it’s a win-win, really. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi