Viewers slam The Bachelorette star Charlie Newling for "toxic" behaviour

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Can't. Look. Away.

Wednesday's episode of The Bachelorette introduced us to something we never asked for.

The words, "she's too spread".

The source of all this nasty? Charlie

For those who missed out, Ali went on a date with Todd (formerly Knight In Literal Shining Armour) only to come back to the mansion and get the third degree from 31-year-old manchild Charlie.

Perplexed at why Ali would date other blokes on a dating show, he utters the vom-inducing words,“She’s too spread."

“I’m confused how she’s playing out. I’m worried she’s gonna get it wrong."

“She needs to get this right. She actually does. This is her last chance at love and this is her method to do it. At this stage she needs to be fully invested in at least two people. But she’s not doing that. She’s like, six people, seven people — spread.”

She’s still spreading her basket around,” he adds.

He then confronted Ali who said, “I’ve got this,” which essentially translates into, ‘check yo self’.

“Something’s gone wrong. We were the power couple here,” Charlie tells the camera.

“Things were going strong and for some reason, it’s been lost.”

Look, it's pretty obvious Charlie's gotten a wee bit confused as to what show he's on.

Thankfully, Twitter aren't shy about education in these sort of instances:

Image: Channel Ten / The Bachelorette


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Written By Ally Parker