This Video Of Beyonce Recording The Lion King In Trackies Is A MOOD

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She CBF and we love it. 

Celebs are just like us. They eat, sleep, go to the toilet, work jobs and have families to go home to. 

But Beyoncé is not a celeb - she is royalty. We will never in our wildest dreams achieve Beyoncé status. 

At least that’s what I thought up until I watched The Lion King featurette for the upcoming live-action film and realised maybe I’m more like Queen Bey than I thought. 

Or maybe…she’s more like me. 

the office beyonce GIF

The clip shows a bunch of behind the scenes footage of The Lion King being made, including some shots of the cast recording in audio booths in their trackies. That’s right, even Beyoncé can’t be arsed for work sometimes.

Her jumper is probably some expensive designer label, but I’m just going to ignore that detail for the sake of my argument: Beyoncé is channelling her inner pleb and it’s a mood and a half. 

She’s done the smart thing and gone for comfort - when you’re a busy working woman sometimes that’s all that matters. Sneakers > stilettos any day.

It’s a question I ask myself on the daily-  do I rock up to work in a cute dress or can I wear my oldest comfiest stretchiest pants?

Bey knows the go. 

As do her co-stars because the featurette shows Donald Glover (Simba), Billy Eichner (Timone) and Seth Rogen (Pumba) also recording in their comfy clothes. 

This behind the scenes feature is the first time we’ve seen the whole cast together and it’s pretty damn epic.

We also get a peek at some new footage from the movie, including Timone’s iconic dad joke “What’s-a-motto with you?!” and our first look at Hakuna Matata and, honestly, I could pee myself with excitement. 

But I won’t do that because, like I said, I’m basically Beyoncé know and she’s not about that life.


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Written By Krisinda Merhi