Versace Forced To Apologise To China After Fashion Faux-Pas

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Not again.

Versace is the latest global brand in hot water with China after one of its T-shirt designs was criticised for “damaging China’s sovereignty”.

The offending shirt is printed with city-country pairs, including Rome-Italy and London-UK.

It implies that Hong Kong and Macau, which are semi-autonomous regions under Chinese governance, are independent countries - violating China’s ‘One China’ policy, that promotes cohesion.


The fallout from the T-shirt scandal has left the company and its artistic director, Donatella Versace red-faced.

Versace has issued a public apology and full recall of the products, as well as literally destroying all the unsold shirts.

“Versace reiterates that we love China deeply, and resolutely respect China’s territory and national sovereignty,” the company said in a statement.

The fashion powerhouse also lost its first Chinese ambassador, actress Yang Mi, over the debacle.

Mi issued a notice to Versace to terminate her contract and stop all association with the brand. 

The actress’ official studio, Jiaxing Xingguang, posted on Weibo to explain the decision, saying:

“China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty are sacred and inviolable.”

Versace joins a growing list of companies forced to apologise to China for awkward mishaps, including Zara, Gap and McDonald’s.

The controversy comes in the midst of escalating independence protests in Hong Kong, with anti-China activists causing mayhem in the city for the 10th week.

Image: AAP/Eugene Hoshiko

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