This Unexpected Detail About Meghan Markle Makes Her SO Much More Relatable

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Meghan Markle

We would never have guessed this. 

Living with a Royal status must be a strange thing. 

For one, everyone seems to expect to be kept up to date with every detail of your personal life. But beyond that, there is an assumption that your life must look like a scene out of Cinderella, where as soon as you wake, worker bees attend to your hair, skin, and clothes. 

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However, a source close to Meghan Markle has revealed that this is not the case. 

In fact, the Duchess of Sussex is content doing her own makeup and cooking her own meals. 

“There’s a false assumption that she lives in some gilded palace with staff and ladies-in-waiting and all these royal perks,” the source told PEOPLE.

“It’s simply not true.”

“Meg cooks for herself and Harry every single day— there’s no chef or butler,” they continued. 

The source, who is reportedly a close friend of Markle's, went on to share that when the mum-to-be has a formal engagement she will choose her own outfit, do her own makeup and even do her own nails.

“Except for her wedding, she does all her own makeup. Dresses herself, styles herself.

“I said, ‘People think when you come out of the car that you went through some metaphorical reverse car wash. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo and everyone’s doing all this stuff to you. They’re not picturing you sitting by the space heater doing your own hair and nails.' She’s very self-service.”

Hearing this sweet, and very human, side to Markle certainly makes her all the more relatable, and we couldn't love it more. 

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