Twitter Is Poppin’ Off About Kim Kardashian’s New Body Foundation

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You can always trust the good people of Twitter to come to the table with complaints.

And my oh my are they serving up some steaming hot ~feelings~ about Kim Kardashian’s new body makeup.

KKB Beauty recently released an (already sold-out, mind you) foundation for your bod bod, which aims to give your arms/legs/other bits a smooth, blemish-free finish. 

Posting on Instagram and Twitter, Kim announced the new KKW Beauty range which includes, USD$65 Skin Perfecting Body Make-Up Foundation, USD$50 Skin Perfecting Body Shimmer, and USD$39 Loose Shimmer Powder for Face & Body. 

"I use this when I want to enhance my skin tone or cover my psoriasis," Kim explains in the post. 

"I bruise easily and have veins and this has been my secret for over a decade. I’ve learned to live with and not be insecure of my psoriasis, but for days when I want to just cover it up I use this Body Makeup."

Now… we’re just going to give you a moment with your thoughts. 

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Okay, now here’s Twitter’s thoughts: 

Nuff said. 

Personally, we’d rather spend *does math* AUD$94 on something other than goop for our bodies. 


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Written By Brynn Davies