Turns out working for the Royal Family isn't all that glamourous

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You may wanna reconsider that job application.

On the surface, working for the Royal Family seems like a pretty cool gig.

You get to live on the palace grounds, you get to chill with Queen Elizabeth's cohort of cute corgis, and you get to hang out with the Royal Fab Four (while catering to their every whim.

But as it turns out, working for the Royal Family may not be as glamourous as it seems, and it has nothing to do with Meghan bombarding you with texts at 5AM everyday. 

Being part of the Royal Family's staff is quite a big responsibility, but that kind of stress may not be worth the salary they're offering.

Money may not be everything, but it is still something

Buckingham Palace put out a job ad a few months ago (via news.com.au) looking for a full-time kitchen porter and the package that was offered wasn't exactly the stuff of Kings and Queens.

The job paid only around $35k a year, plus 15% super and 33 days annual leave. While discounted accommodation at Buckingham Palace is quite nice (who wouldn't want to live in a palace like that?), the money isn't exactly anything to talk about.

It's a similar story for other Royal Family roles of around the same rank (via express.co.uk) but the salaries get better as you go up the staff ladder:

  • Butler - In 2011, the palace put out an ad looking for a trainee butler on a starting salary of just around $26k, though accommodation was thrown in and you were allowed to hang around Balmoral and Holyroodhouse Palace.
  • Pot-washer - This role was advertised in 2016 and offered just $30k annual salary plus a room on the grounds.
  • Assistant gardener - Advertised in 2017, the role offered a $32k annual salary and lunch thrown in. Can't garden on an empty stomach.
  • Horse groomer - Advertised in 2014, this role offered around $35k annual salary. At least you get to take care of horses all day, every day.
  • Liveried helper - Based in the Royal Mews, this role will pay you around $35k annually, 33 days annual leave, and 15% super to take ride on the back of the Royal Carriage and doing all the related responsibilities.
  • Phone operator - This role will pay $40k annually to field the several thousands of calls being directed to Buckingham Palace every week. Doesn't sound too relaxing TBH.
  • Business development and communications manager - Not 100% sure what you do in this role but you get paid around $56k per year to do it so it's not too bad at all.
  • Social Media Specialist - Even the Royals have to maintain a social media presence and they're willing to pay $88k per year for someone to do just that for them.
  • Master of the Household - We're getting into big wig territory now as this role involves managing all the domestic staff in the kitchens, pages, footmen, housekeeper, and all the housekeeper's staff. It's a lot of responsibility which is why they paying $215k a year.
  • Private Secretary to the Queen - Doing anything and everything the Queen says is a big job and worth every penny of the $255k a year salary.

So it seems that despite the low pay for some lower-ranked roles, it does get better as you move up the Royal Family staff food chain. 

Seeing as how at least three Royal family staff have reportedly left in recent months, perhaps now's the time to get those hob applications in if rubbing shoulders with the Royals is something you want to do.

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