Turns Out We’ve All Been Pronouncing Rihanna’s Name Wrong

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How did we not know this?!

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Rihanna’s an absolute QWEEN and lady boss – amirite?

Seriously, she’s taken the music world by storm and now she leads a killer beauty empire and we couldn't be happier for her.

But, as it turns out, we’ve all been pronouncing her name wrong!

Yep! We hate to break it to you folks, but if you’re someone who pronounces the superstars’ name as ‘Re-Ah-Na’ then you’re not doing it right.

The pop icon confirmed the correct pronunciation when she introduced herself in a British Vogue video as ‘Re-Anna’. Check it out:

As expected, Twitter went into a frenzy and left users totally shocked by this revelation:



One social media user even went as far as thanking the 'Umbrella' artist for correcting it:

"Thank you @Rihanna for pronouncing your name, my daughter's name is Brianna but people pronounce it Brionna, similar to yours".

Hey, thanks for the heads up Riri!

Lead Image: Mark Ganzon/Stringer/Getty Images


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