Turns Out, Sex On Bachelor In Paradise Is Really Bloody Awkward For This One Reason

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Would you be willing to go ahead?

It's not exactly surprising to hear that a stint on a reality TV show may come with its uncomfortable moments.

Maybe you'll be edited to look like a weirdo. Maybe you'll say something goofy and become a meme. Maybe, you'll be forever associated with a gross chocolate bath? 

In any case, when you have a camera in your face for hours at a time, you run the risk of feeling embarrassed once or twice. 

What is a little less expected, is the fact that if you're a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise, doing the deed is most likely going to be one of those embarrassing times.

As news.com.au has reported, ex-contestant Keira Maguire has revealed the, er, reality of getting intimate with a fellow Bachie personality, and it's awkward.

Speaking on her podcast The Buzz, Maguire shared that:

“On the island, you need to physically ask the producers for consent — you need to actually say [it] to the camera.

“So, if you’re walking into a room and the producers see you, they get the camera out and say, you need to say to the camera, ‘I give consent’ to have any kind of sexual intercourse."

While it might sound extreme at first, the move is assumedly intended to ensure the safety of contestants. Especially in the wake of an incident regarding consent in a previous season of the US edition of the show. 

For some, the public announcement may be no issue, but Maguire stressed that she did not sleep with boyfie Jarrod while on the show.

“I can tell you right now that Jarrod and I did not have sex on that island,” she said.

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