Turns out MAFS groom Sam was on Home and Away

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Proof he’s an actor? 

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that reality tv is a bit of a sham. 

It’s not all lies, but it’s not all real if you know what we mean. 

And Married At First Sight is a peak example of this. 

From the very start of the series audiences try to guess which couples are legit, who has a saucy past and who is an actor just trying to stir the pot.

Or rather, PAID to stir the pot.  

And seeing as almost every line that comes out of anyones mouth sounds forced AF no one is safe from speculation. 

But in a twist we didn't see coming (heavy sarcasm here), MAFS groom Sam is actually an actor. 

We don’t know if he was paid to put it on for the MAFS camera but he was definitely paid to be in Home and Away. 

Sam made his cameo as a river boy in a January 2018 episode of the show and we’re shooketh. 

Check it: 

The weird cheeks and signature 'Blood and Sand' tattoo say it all. 

We’re pretty sure he might still be stuck in the role, because how else do you explain his risky (we’re being nice) behaviour on MAFS?

So what do you think?

Is this proof Sam is a legit actor? Or just a failed one? 

Images: MAFS / Channel 9. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi