Travis Scott Keeps Ignoring Diplo’s Texts And It’s Hilarious

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“Are u mad at me.”

There are three types of people in the world: 

1. People who reply to texts instantly.

2. People who take at least a day to reply to texts. 

3. Travis Scott.

Elaboration: Travis Scott sucks are replying to texts because he just never replies to them. 

Well, he sucks at replying to Diplo’s texts. 

Diplo uploaded a screenshot of his message history with Travis on Instagram and it was a whole lot of depressing one-sided conversation. 

Five years of it. 

Yes, really. 

Travis has been ghosting Diplo for FIVE YEARS. 

season 1 episode 10 GIF

Diplo explained that he ran into Scott at a festival. The two, who previously worked together on the 2017 tune ‘Know No Better’ by Major Lazer, featuring Camila Cabello and Quavo, agreed to make another song together.

They exchanged numbers. 

All was well. 

Until suddenly all wasn’t. Swipe to see some hilariously relatable content: 

“Notices the number was saved and I already sent desperate looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years.”

Is it bad to laugh at someone else’s pain? Because we're laughing. 


We’re also praying hard, because Diplo deserves a reply dammnit. 

Someone ping Travis. Or don’t, because he probably won’t reply anyway. 

Images: Diplo / Instagram, Giphy /Giphy. 




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