The Trailer For Borderlands 3 Has Dropped And We're Not Worthy

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The trailer for the highly anticipated Borderlands 3 has dropped and honestly?

The release can't come quick enough.

The fourth instalment (not counting spin-offs like Tales Of The Borderlands) is in development and while a release date has yet to be shared, we have to say, it looks BONKERS.

P.S. Yes Claptrap will make an appearance. Do with that information as you will.

Aside from amazing bits and bobs like, IDK, a BILLION new guns, the trailer also promises a new suite of characters, villains and landscapes; a welcome change or devastating development, depending on your love for Handsome Jack.

But despite the presence of Claptrap and lack of Handsome Jack, there are a few other characters to develop ~feels~ about according to PC Gamer:

"There's the slick, eyepatch-wearing Zane; the tanky Siren with magic arms, Amara; the robotic beast master, Flak; and a high-tech soldier, Moze," the publication write.

See you on Pandora, Bandit.

Image: Borderlands 3

Written By Ally Parker