Tom Holland Has Finally Addressed His Future As Spider-Man

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Prepare for your heart to break. 

It’s been a big week for Marvel fans and not in a good way: 

Tom Holland is reportedly leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe and saying goodbye to his Spider-Man due to a dispute between Disney and Sony Pictures. 

The short version is that Disney wanted a bigger slice of the Spider-Man pie (i.e. the money the movies make) and Sony wasn’t having it. 

Anyway, Tom finally dressed the whole saga while at Disney's D23 expo to promote an upcoming Pixar film that he's in. 

“Listen, it's been a crazy week," he told the audience, "but I want to you to know that I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart, and I love you 3000.”

Cue: sobbing .

avengers i love you 3000 GIF

Tom also spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the future of Spider-Man, saying that he will continue to play Spidey for Sony Pictures, no matter whether the character continues to appear within the MCU.

“Who knows what the future holds?” he told the publication. “All I know is that I’m going to continue playing Spider-Man and having the time of my life. … The future for Spider-Man will be different, but it will be equally as awesome and amazing, and we’ll find new ways to make it even cooler.”

We’re glad Tom feels so optimistic about the whole thing. We’re also super glad he will continue to play our fave webbed superhero. We’re not sure we could deal with another Spider-Man change. 

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Here’s to whatever the future holds. 

Images: Spider-Man / Marvel, Giphy / Giphy. 

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