There’s a theory about Ross and Monica from Friends and it’s kinda blowing our minds

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Wait, WHAT!?

It started the way most Internet sensations do.

With a single tweet.

Twitter user and comedian, Emily Heller, posted a innocuous realisation about popular TV series Friends:

And the floodgates opened.

For those scratching their heads, please, let us explain:

As was/is the way with divorce, friends of the no-longer-happy couple often find themselves having to choose sides, essentially cutting off connection with one person.

If we assume that the gang were always a close group then Carol would have been included in their circle and therefore would have been up on the chopping block alongside Ross.

Considering Ross's many personality flaws (i.e. anger-management issues) versus Carol's sweet nature, it's pretty easy to see which side they'd fall on. It just wouldn't make sense for them to chose Wet Head unless he had something stronger to tie him to the group.

Something like being related.

How different Friends could have been with Carol instead of Ross!

Some people also pointed out that this couldn't possibly be true mainly because Susan was a tad annoying therefore putting the kibosh on Carol's continued involvement:

Others jumped to defend Ross as a much-loved character:

In summation, some people on the Internet have way too much time on their hands, but cheers anyway mates.

P.S. Here's another Friends revelation you probably didn't know about.

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