There’s A Telepathic Message In The New Avengers: Endgame Clip And We’re So Confused

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Not sure if legit or we’re just going crazy???

We don’t want to alarm you but there’s under two weeks until Avengers: Endgame comes out. 

Twelve days to be exact. 

And we’re totally chill about it. 

Tooootally chill. 

Okay fine. We lost our chill earlier this week when Marvel released a scene from Endgame and we got to see all of our favourites in one room. 

To summarise: Captain America looked pained as ever and Captain Marvel was the total badass she is. 

Check it out (again):

Seems simple but it turns out there’s a secret message in that scene we all missed and we’re shaken to our core. 

Watch the clip again but this time with the volume on max. Go to the 48 second mark and listen HARD. You’ll hear someone whisper “I have telepathy”.

Hear it? 

Shaken. To. Our. Core. 

If we’re being real, it makes ZERO sense for the whisper to be there. 

First of all, telepathy is one of Captain Marvel’s weaknesses according to this character profile So she couldn’t possibly be the source of the message. 

Also, what telepath would introduce themselves by saying something stupid like “I have telepathy”?. 

Sure, it gets straight to the point but we like to think they’d find a better line than that. 

Okay, let’s assume the film’s directors, the Russo Brothers, deliberately included the phrase in the trailer. 

Would they really risk anyone hearing it? 

We already know they alter promotional trailers and clips to hide potential spoilers (they literally delete things from them) so we really don’t think they’d willingly include a spoiler in a clip from the movie. They also leave the super cool moments and jokes for the actual movie.

And Marvel is super careful about every detail of their films. 

So is it there? 

Or have we just gone crazy? 

Images: Avengers: Endgame / Marvel, Giphy / Giphy. 


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