There's A HBO Show That's Rated Better Than Game Of Thrones

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Here's your new binge series. 

Is it possible that there is a show BETTER than Game of Thrones?

Well, apparently there is.

And with GoT and BB are over, we need a new series to watch as we navigate through life without them. 

Who better to give us a new show than the network that gave us GoT, HBO. 

HBO’s new historical drama, Chernobyl, has become the highest rating show on IMDb, sneaking past the likes of GoT and Breaking Bad with a 9.5 rating.

We know, random right? Fans even rated it 96 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, GoT's ranked 90 per cent.

Chernobyl, is available to stream on Foxtel, is a five-part miniseries based on the real-life events of the catastrophic nuclear disaster in northern Ukrainian SSR in 1986.

Have a look at the trailer below:

It’s still debated how many people died due to radiation and long-term health effects as a direct result of the nuclear accident, with estimates ranging from 4000 to a whopping 90,000.

To this day, areas of Eastern Europe are still impacted by radiation.

Image credit: HBO and Giphy


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Written By Christina Cavaleri