There's going to be a proposal on Bachelor in Paradise and we're giddy

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We think we know?

Your mates at Channel Ten have released their latest trailer of ‘Beautiful People’ aka The Bachelor in Paradise and…

We. Have. So. Many. Feelings.

All the favs (see: dumped folk) from the series are making appearances including Laurina, Jarrod, Davey, Tara, Florence, Keira, Ali, Lisa, Apollo and Michael.

There’s no word if the season will involve an intruder but GOLLY we hope there is.

We're pretty sure we spotted Davey and Florence macking in a pond (okay fine, waterfall) and what looks like Michael and Ali riding horses?

And Keira crying.

Like a lot.

And HOLY CHEESE ON TOAST there will be a proposal.

While we're 90 per cent sure it's Jarrod aka Stage Five Clinger - Who else? - it could be any the guys really.

Also, yes, there will be Osher in an hawaiian shirt (or twelve).

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

We've been so patient Osher, please give us what we want.


Hawaiian shirts.

Crying through Botox.

Macking on television in the name of fame and Instagram endorsement deals.

Life is beautiful.

P.S. Pray for Jarrod 'The Lobster' Woodgate's skin.

Image: Channel Ten / Bachelor in Paradise


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Written By Ally Parker
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