There Was A Major Hollywood Celeb At Tamara and Dan's Wedding On MAFS

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Did you notice him?

While most of us were transfixed on Tamara and Dan's wedding, some people noticed a rather famous celebrity guest.

Jonathan Banks aka Mike Ehrmantrout in the hit television series Breaking Bad, made a casual appearance in the background of a shot during Tamara and Dan‘s wedding preparations. 

But the weird thing is, no-one noticed him except for Twitter user/most likely Breaking Bad die-hard fan Hamish Doake. 

Banks can be seen in a red and white plaid shirt clapping as Tamara leaves her hotel. Tamara doesn't notice him, clearly didn't watch one of the greatest series of all time. report Banks was in Sydney in late October 2018 attending a tech product launch. MAFS would have been in production during that time so it looks like a big coincidence. 

Who would have thought a Hollywood actor would appear on MAFS? Wonder if her had to sign a talent release form?

Image: Instagram

Written By Christina Cavaleri