Taylor Swift Just Serenaded This Superfan's Engagement & Their Reaction Is Priceless

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Just a casual performance by a 10-time Grammy winner.

Taylor Swift just gave one superfan the engagement party of a lifetime. 

Alexander Goldschmidt decided to propose to his now-finance while kicking back and listening to Taylor Swift’s King Of My Heart in the car. 

The 30-year-old superfan says he reached out to his idol on email after he popped the question to boyfriend, Ross Girard. 

He posted a video of their engagement party at the Sycamore Tavern in Los Angeles, standing calmly in front of a crowd of friends and family introducing his surprise guest.

“There is one secret that I didn’t trust any of you with. And there was a person who’s not here who sort of played a part in all this, and so I would like to welcome, and if you would give a warm welcome to, my friend Taylor.”

In walks Taylor, cool as a cucumber in a blue dress with her acoustic guitar in hand. No biggie! 

“I’ve been off tour for a while, but hopefully it’s alright. This is from Alex but sung by me,” she said before launching into the track off her hit album Reputation. 

Goldschmidt shared a cute snap of himself andSwift from before the performance, which he captioned: “The calm before the surprise,” and another with Girard and Swift captioned: “She came, she sang, I’m dead.”



This isn’t the first time Goldschmidt and Swift met; he has selfies with the star dating back to at least 2014, and also appeared in the music video for Shake It Off


Written By Brynn Davies

"I’d never truly let anyone in before..."

Wait, what?!?

Along with a never before seen pic of Archie.