Taylor Swift Basically Confirmed Her Next Album And We Are Ready For It

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Taylor Swift is the queen of a lot of things. 

Vocals, obvi. 

Cute bob haircuts (how???). 

And album clues. 

TayTay is notorious for dropping hints about her upcoming work. 

Fans have been speculating about her seventh album basically since her last one dropped. 

The detective work about TS7 officially started in October 2018 when Taylor posted this innocent looking selfie on her Instagram:

Nothing to see here, just Taylor and her mum playing a cute game of Scrabble right? 


And today Taylor has graced the internet with a second clue for TS7. 

This very cryptic photo: 

The caption is just seven palm tree emojis. Which is exactly the number of albums Taylor will have IF she releases another one. 

Fans are certain this means Taylor is dropping her seventh album this year.

We just wanna know why she’s gone with Palm trees. 

Is she moving to Miami?

Is the album Miami themed?

Is she abandoning pop and transitioning into indie music?

Images: Getty / Don Arnold, Giphy / Giphy. 


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