Tash Oakley reveals how she became a successful influencer

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Finally, a behind the scenes look

It’s the generation of models taking over our newsfeeds.

Natasha Oakley, one half of a @ABikiniADay with Devin Brugman, was on 60 Minutes tonight sharing her secrets on how to be an influencer. 

Everyday, for the past few years, Oakley has been posting a photo of herself or an item or place to her Instagram.

This daily routine has now made a her into a successful influencer with almost 2 million followers. 

With this number of followers businesses are basically throwing money to have the influencer post a picture of herself with the product. 

However, Oakley says it’s more than just fancy holidays and pretty selfies, there is an entrepreneur behind the screen 

“I have the work ethic and the discipline.” 

The 25-year-old also thanks social media for the success.

“I don’t believe my business would have even existed without social media.”

Peter Stefanovic asked the question we all have been wondering:

“Can I ask how much you make?”

“No. Can I ask how much you make?

“I have been progressively making more money over the years and it is going back into the business.”

With almost 2 million followers, as you can imagine, Oakley finds herself in headlines around Australia questioning how much of her photos are real.

She strongly assures Stefanovic that none of her photos are photoshopped. 

“It’s all about angles and lighting.

“I don’t like to say I’m a model but essentially I am."

Happiest when I'm in @MondaySwimwear, at sunset, with the people I love

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Oakley however admits she cannot speak for the tabloids that may have photoshopped photos of her. 

She does not see the social media phenomenon slowing down anytime soon.

“People are constantly wanting more and to feel inspired.”   

Jules Lund who launched the micro-endorsement app, 'Tribe' says the secret to these influencers success is time.

“The more followers you have the more attractive you are to businesses who want to advertise their products.”

Written By Christina Cavaleri
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