Taite Radley might no longer be a Bachelorette favourite

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“It’s scary. He scares me. He seems like a risk.” 

Wednesday nights episode of The Bachelorette brought a moment fans of the show might not have been expecting. 

Current favourite Taite Radley and Bachelorette Ali Oetjen went on a single date which included the usual clichés (hello steamy rock pool swim) and soppy moments.

But the date took a serious turn when Ali asked him a bunch of prepared questions. 

Pretty forward for a second date if you ask us, but a girls gotta to what a girls gotta do. 

“I would like reassurance. I wanna know how you feel about me,” Ali said to Taite. 

And then came a real doozy, “Are you open to being engaged by the end of the year?” Ali asked. 

Oh boy. 

Taite fumbled desperately for an answer saying something about being with the right person and Ali starts to freak out. 

So she asks a pretty freaky-outy question: “Can you promise me you’ll never walk away?”

Taite’s answer? “I can’t promise that.” 


“I still don’t know, like, what connections you’re having with other guys here. And it kills me to know that there’s a stronger connection than this,” he said. 

In a piece-to-camera, Ali reflected: “I don't wanna hear that! I wanna hear that he'll fight for me. Maybe he's just protecting himself.”

“It's scary. He scares me. He makes me feel so amazing but at the same time like there's daggers in my stomach. He seems like a risk.”

And we kinda get it. It’s not fun not knowing where you stand with someone. 

Ali went on to explain to viewers that the other guys have all been clear about their feelings for her.

Taite is the only man who provided no reassurance. 

Could the fan-favourite be slipping down the ranks? 

Only time (and a rose ceremony) will tell. 

Images: Taite Radley / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi