Survivor Fans Shocked At Ultimate Backstabbing Move

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If you’re boycotting Survivor after last night’s tribal council, you’re not alone.

Without Shaun... WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!?!?!

We thought it couldn’t get worse after witnessing Johnathan LaPaglia extinguish Shaun’s torch.

But no.

We were left heartbroken AGAIN when the tribal council votes were shown.

“Who would do this?” We asked. “Why?” We screamed. 

The biggest snake on this season is not Slimy Dave, as we’d been led to believe. Not even Andy, or the cockroach that is Dirty Harry.


Shaun’s former partner in crime was responsible for one of the votes that led to the ousting of our beloved.

The Twitterverse was naturally bewildered at the betrayal - the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Red Wedding.

Daisy may have also thrown her chance of being crowned sole survivor down the drain, as Shaun has become the first member of the Jury.

We’ll leave you with this warning… Watch yo’self Daisy. 



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