The surprising thing Ariana Grande had to say about Pete Davidson in her 'Thank U, Next' music vid

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Thank u (for the tea and TMI), Ari.

Now that we've had a day pore over Ariana Grande's new music video for 'Thank U, Next', it's time that we dive into the vid's juiciest bits.

Sure there's that awesome Kris Jenner cameo and the endless references to all the greatest chick flicks of the past two decades, but the best bit by far is Ari's "Burn Book" and all the juicy AF things she's written in there about all her exes.

From Big Sean to Ricky, Ari started pouring tea and just didn't stop.

But the highlight of the Burn Book for us was the surprising things she had to say about her most recent ex, Pete Davidson.

As you are probably aware, Pete and Ari recently broke up and there was a little bit of tension there post break-up.

But in the 'Thank U, Next' vid, Ari had nothing but kind words for her former fiance as the lyrics reference Pete like this:

"Even almost got married, and for Pete, I'm so thankful." 

As for what the singer wrote about Pete in her Burn Book:

"Sry I dipped. I love you always. HUUUUUUGE." 

Alrighty, couple of huge bombshells there.

Firstly, the "sry I dipped" part suggests that she is the one who broke it off with Pete.

Secondly, Pete is super well hung because Ari just confirmed it by writing "huge" in all caps. And with five U's no less.

Just in case that people missed it the first time, the singer references Pete's big, uh, certain type of energy again in a later scene where she chats with Jennifer Coolidge in a Legally Blonde-inspired nail salon dialogue scene.

During their chat, Ari says:

"I mean, he was really cute, you know? He's really cute. And it was... it was really big."

They may be talking about "big front teeth" but we know what they're really talking about.

Once again, we thank u for the tea, Ari.

Pete Davidson references aside, the whole 'Thank U, Next' video is awesome so we've put it right here for your repeated viewing pleasure.

Image: Ariana Grande/Vevo/YouTube


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