Sunrise Presenter Edwina Bartholomew Expecting Her First Child

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She announced the news on live TV. 

TV presenter Edwina Bartholomew is expecting her first child with husband Neil Varcoe. 

True to her roots, Edwina announced the news while on Sunrise and completely surprised her fellow host David “Kochie” Koch. 

“I have a bit of an announcement myself, the girls already know,” she said smiling. 

“But Kochie, surprise…we’re having a baby!” 

Edwina also revealed that’s she’s due at the end of the year, “November, December”, and said the news is “really exciting- we’re super stoked.” 

The Sunrise ladies joked that they held off from telling Kochie the news because they know he can’t keep a secret. 

“Sam knew early on and Nat guessed because I just kept ordering a lot of dry toast at 3.30 in the morning,” Edwina joked. 

Toast is great but if you’re ordering plain toast there’s definitely something going on. 

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Edwina shared the touching moment via her personal Instagram account:

“What initially presented as an over consumption of croissants, has turned out to be something a little more permanent #itsababy,” she captioned the post. 

Now we feel like a croissant… 

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Images: Edwina Bartholomew / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi