Stranger Things Just Birthed The Next Viral Challenge And It's Easier Than Kicking A Bottle Cap

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How's your singing voice? 


After a long-than-expected wait, Stranger Things 3 turned out to be quite the entertaining if somewhat predictable ride. There were some great bits like Robin and Steve‘s dynamic and the emotional ending, as well as some not so great bits like some of Hopper’s storyline and his Hawaiian shirts.

But the cringiest part of Season 3 has to be that NeverEnding Story scene between Dustin and his actually-for-real long distance girlfriend, Suzie.

Millie Bobby Brown decided that this cringeworthy scene needed more loving and so she shared a video to Instagram that shows her singing and dancing to the scene.

She then challenges her fans to do the same by writing in the caption, “I nominate YOU to do the #NeverEndingChallenge.”

It seems like it’s catching on with fans as MBB’s video has nearly 5 million likes and 8,000 uses of the #NeverEndingChallenge hashtag.

At least the #NeverEndingChallenge is easier to do and a lot more fun than the ridiculous Bottle Cap Challenge.


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