Steve Carell just dropped another big tease about rebooting The Office

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In the five or so years since The Office ended its magical run, there have been various whispers about the show potentially getting revived or rebooted in some form or another.

And now Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell, has decided to play on everyone's desperate need for more Office content by dropping the biggest tease on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

During the host monologue, Carell initially shot down any rumours of a revival, only to be interrupted by his former cast mates Ellie Kemper (aka Erin Hannon), Ed Helms (aka Andy Bernard), and Jenna Fischer (aka Pam Beesly), all of whom implored him to not be a "d**k" and to "just do the damn" Office reboot. 

Things got super hyped when Carell then brought all the Office alums onto the stage for a "big announcement".

We won't spoil what the "announcement" so you can just check it out here before we continue:

Okay, they got us good there, bravo.

Playing with our emotions like a yo-yo aside, it's probably for the best that we let The Office lie low for a bit longer since there's a very real chance that any potential reboot will fail to deliver on expectations, thus shattering our hearts once again.

And besides, just seeing the mini-reunion on SNL was enough to satisfy our Office need for now.

But then again, Carell, Kemper, Fischer, and Helms technically didn't deny that reboot is happening so anything could still happen!

Image: The Office/NBC


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Written By Alexander Pan