Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Gave Random People Invites To Their Surprise Wedding

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Bold move Jophie. 

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas invited "random" Billboard Music Awards guests to their Las Vegas wedding by handing out black cards, according to Priyanka Chopra.

The Game of Thrones actress and the Jonas Brothers singer shocked fans by tying the knot at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Sin City shortly after the awards show earlier this month.

In a new interview with Access, their sister-in-law Priyanka revealed that they gave out little black cards during the ceremony to get celebrities such as DJ Diplo and singer Khalid to attend the surprise service.

"It was so fun! And it's so Jophie, I call them Jophie. It's like, trust them to do that. That is Jophie!" she said. 

"We were at the Billboards. Joe I think had this idea that he wanted to do this. But we were at the Billboards and he had these little black cards that we all got. 

“We were like randomly inviting our friends, like people that we met. We were like, 'Alright, we're going to set up this wedding now, we're going to the chapel right from here, and please arrive, please arrive.'”

"We had Diplo, Khalid, they were really sweet, they arrived. Diplo Instagram Live-d the whole thing, it was awesome."

The wedding, which was made public thanks to Diplo's Instagram coverage, came five months after Priyanka got hitched to Nick Jonas in India in December. 

Their ceremonies were very different to each other, but Priyanka explained they are representative of who they are.

"It's exactly who and what we stand for. Nick and Joe both are so different but are best friends, and that's what's beautiful about their relationships. And you can see that in the weddings as well. It was very reflective of the two of them and us as couples, you know?" she said.

The 36-year-old also confirmed reports that Sophie and Joe will be having another "amazing, beautiful wedding." 

It is thought they will have a more formal affair for their families in France later this year. 

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Written By Brynn Davies