Sophie Monk has come out swinging at Sam after last night’s episode aired

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Ah Sam.

We’ve waxed lyrical about your hair, your previous Tinder antics and LOL’d at what social media had to say ‘bout your birds nest but this latest statement?

It’s given us the heebie jeebies.

For those playing along at home, Sam was brutally booted of The Bachelorette last night and has therefore been doing the media rounds with gusto. The good thing about this boost in coverage?

We learn some secrets.

Like how Sam did score a smooch with Sophie Monk during his time in the mansion, but it was cut from the final edit.

"It was great, it was really great,” WHO Magazine report the bachelor as saying.

Except that wasn’t exactly the case according to our bachelorette de jour

Monk, 37, immediately surged up to set the record straight:

“I gave him a rose and pecked him to be polite, and he goes, ‘can I have a peck?’ and I said ‘that was a peck’ and then he grabbed my head and kissed me and I didn’t really kiss him back,” Monk explained.

“It made me feel really uncomfortable, so if they [producers] cut it out, that’s why. He was performing for the cameras...he didn’t even look at me half the time," she said.

And it just kept more awkward.

Here’s Sam’s account of a 'package' story (side note: who thinks it’s okay to boast about that on TV?!):

“Two nights before that [photo shoot] I was running around naked, and Sophie mentioned my package many times ... so I thought that was the level of communication we had.”

And Sophie’s version:

"No I never did. No I never did. When he was taking his clothes off I said 'take it off, take it off'... then I said 'put it back on, put it back on."


But not surprising.

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Bachelorette Sophie Monk revealed she rejected a kiss from one of her suitors:

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