Sophie Monk announces ‘she’s done’

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What happens from here?

You've got to feel for Sophie Monk. The former Bachelorette has had to dust off an onslaught of criticism since the finale of the reality dating show aired and it doesn't seem to be easing up. 

The rumours that she and publican Stu Laundy have split continue to circulate and their every move is being studied under a microscope, in an effort to "catch the pair out". 

The attention has not gone unnoticed by Monk (obv) and she spoke about her headspace with Mamamia on their No Filter podcast:

"I'm just done with it," she said. 

"We can't win."

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She went on to explain that the pressure from the public has been exceptionally hard to deal with:

"We're at the airport at they'll just be like 'kiss' and I'm like, 'why are we doing this?' and then they're like 'overboard! You're Trying too hard!'

"Or [they're like] we're not affectionate enough."

The entertainer explained that she and her man have busy schedules and that she is hardly ever home for work but that "when we meet up it's awesome... So I think just... time will tell".

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Sophie Monk has a cute AF way of remembering who she is wearing at the ARIAs:


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