Social Media Slam Bachie Contestant's Outrageous Comment

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The Bachelor has kicked off for another year this time with 'Hot Nerd' and relative unknown, Matt Agnew.

And in true Bachie-style, we've wasted no time in lining up a villain. Her name is Rachael and her Insta bio literally says as much:


Rachael rocked up in a literal wedding dress - including rose bouquet and veil - but despite her strong entrance, her first impression of Matt was... less than great.

"oh, this guy's not hot," she recounted.

She also threw out, "some girls will do anything for camera time," while wearing said wedding dress.

Understandably, social media were not having it.

They've accused her of just being on the show for followers - which... if her self confessed bio is anything to go, might not be too farfetched.


Image: Supplied.

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Written By Ally Parker