Social Media Slam Bachie 'Bullying' Comments

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Twitter is reeling following a spate of "bullying" on The Bachelor.

In case you missed it, the series' fourth episode saw contestants take part in fairytale-themed shoots with Bachie Matt.

It's a classic episode every season and this one was much of the same but with a touch more evil laughter.

For her Cinderella-themed shoot, Mary, 31, unbuttoned her shirt in an effort to sexy-up a not-so-sexy outfit - which, honestly sounds like a good idea when you're sharing a boyfriend.

Her fellow contestants, however, weren't vibing it:

“We all know that Mary likes a bit of attention so I think Mary is just focused on getting her boobs out,” Nichole said.

“This is like feeding time in the zoo,” Rachael agreed.

“Mary in that little scene was like a modern day torture. It was so painful to watch, it was all sorts of wrong, I felt so uncomfortable watching and I would be happy to never see that again.”

Rachael went on to made fun of Cassandra and Matt's shoot saying it looked like “a dad and daughter photo shoot”.

“Oh they look awkward, they just don’t have chemistry, I’m sorry … he looks cute but she looks like a little f**king kid,” Rachael remarked.

“They’ll have to get her a step if she kisses him,” Nichole added.

“She can’t reach!” Sogand chimed in.

And it looks like there's only more drama to come.

Image: The Bachelor / Channel 10

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Written By Ally Parker