Social Media Going After 'Fake' Moment From MAFS

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We kind of agree TBH.

We're officially getting to the point end of Married At First Sight and good LAWDY we can't stop rubbing our hands with glee.

Vow renewals? Check! Reunion fights? Check, check, check!

And Sunday night's episode, the first of many finale eps, did not disappoint:

We had Jules and Cam get engaged in a series first (they could smack ~dramatic~ music over the top of that as much as they want, we know it's Real Love), and more importantly, we saw Jess and Dan.

And Dan's shonky ring.

Twitter refused (see: literally couldn't) to hold back, slamming Dan and Jess's whole interaction - especially that ring:

Anyone else holding out for the reunion episode?

We've simply GOT to know what makes Cyrell through that wine.

Written By Ally Parker