Social media furious at Ryan Seacrest for insensitive act at the Golden Globes

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"Does he think we forgot?"

Ryan Seacrest made headlines last year after a stylist filed a police report claiming he sexually harassed her.

Even though headlines may change social media users are ensuring Seacrest knows the Internet never forgets. Many slammed Seacrest for his interesting choice to wear a Time's Up bracelet while working at the Golden Globes.

Suzie Hardy worked with the host on E! News and claimed the television star groped her and gave her more than 10 hugs while only wearing his underwear plus more.

In an interview with Variety, the single mother detailed getting a dream job as Seacrest’s personal stylist at E! News in 2007, only to be fired in 2013 after making graphic complaints of harassment known to HR.

Seacrest denied the claims. 

Social media was not happy when they saw Seacrest sporting the bracelet which represents putting a stop to sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace.

Page Six contacted NBCUniversal for a comment:

“This is old news from nearly a year ago. It’s business as usual for all of us.”


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Written By Christina Cavaleri