Social Media Is Freaking Out About Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk Interview

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Where is Tristan in all of this?

If you're not caught up on Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk interview, here are the main points you need to know:

1. Jordyn said she was at Tristan Thompson's house until the early hours of the morning, but didn't make out with him or give him a lap dance as previously believed.

2. She did, however, put her legs on his lap while sitting next to him.

3. Jordyn said he kissed her on the lips when she left the next day, but the kiss had "no passion". 

4. She revealed she wasn't completely upfront to Khloe when she spoke to her a few hours later, saying she was trying to "protect" her friend. 

5. Jordyn added that she's not a home wrecker, something that Khloe Kardashian has disagreed with, taking to Twitter to say she is the reason her family is broken.

If you need more info, you can find the full story here

Unsurprisingly, social media has been going nuts with reactions to the interview:

Honestly, if you have nothing to do today, just scroll through Twitter, the reactions are amazing.

Image: Red Table Talk

Written By Marni Dixit