Snezana Markoski shows off her fit figure weeks after giving birth to baby Willow

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Snezana Markoski is both lucky and unlucky being engaged to personal trainer Sam Wood – on one hand, you’ve always got someone to kick your butt into gear and on the other hand: exercise, ew. 

But keeping fit during her pregnancy with baby Willow, who the couple welcomed into the world in October, has obviously been amazing for Snez who is now back at the gym and looking incredible.

Sam took to his Instagram story to share a video of his beautiful fiancée, who is also mum to daughter Evie, working up a sweat on a SkiErg with the caption, “Mama’s back.”


Snez joked that she was dying, but to be honest, she looked like she was doing pretty damn great to us!

The former reality star took to Instagram yesterday sharing a snap of herself before Willow was born as she posed with boxing gloves. She wrote:

“Tomorrow I get to ease back with some gentle training. It’s going to be slow and Willow will be by my side every minute but can’t wait to slowly regain some strength, body confidence and clear the head.”

And she wasn’t lying! In another story uploaded by Sam, Willow was peacefully hanging out beside Snez as she worked out.

Obviously, there’s no need for any woman to get ‘back in shape’ as fast as they can after having babies, but we’re assuming that because Snez was super fit before it hasn’t taken long for her to go back to how she looked before getting pregnant. 

Snez recently told Popsugar about her diet and it actually sounds pretty doable!

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When it comes to breakfast, she says she has a danish and coffee (um, we could totally do that), with lunch normally something a little lighter like grilled chicken with either zucchini salad or superfood slaw. For dinner she enjoys some polneti piperki which is a Macedonian stuffed pepper and sounds delicious. 

Note to self, get fit and healthy now so that everything is easier later...

Image: Instagram/Sam Wood


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