"Skinhead Helen" from OITNB is completely unrecognisable off set

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Francesca Curran, who plays Skinhead Helen in the series looks absolutely nothing like her racist, creepy character

If you’re a fan of Orange Is The New Black you’ll know that there are a fair few unsavoury characters on the show – it is set in a prison, after all. 

Some of the most consistently messed up personalities in the series, however, would have to be the group of white supremacists that reside within the prison, seemingly led by Brandy, Kasey and Helen (pictured above). 

Of the three leading racist ladies, Helen appears to look the “toughest” with a shaved head, tattoos on her face and neck, and also just plainly because of her almost Amazonian stature. 

But in her day-to-day life (where she’s not y’know, violent, racist and locked up) the actress who plays Helen Van Maele, Francesca Curran, could not look less like her character. 

You seriously would be forgiven for not recognising her at all.

Don’t believe us? Okay.

Here is a photo of Curran as Helen:

And here is a photo of Curran as, er, Curran:




Crazy, right?!

Ah, the wonders of makeup, bald-headedness and face tattoos, hey?  

Image: Netflix

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo