The Simple Drive-Thru Rule That Can Cop You A Big Ol' Fine

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A post by Victoria Police is causing a ruckus with social media users astonished by the results.

Police asked social media to vote in a poll that read: “When using a fast-food outlet’s drive-through service, can I use my phone to pay?”

Of the 51,000 people that voted, 65 per cent voted yes.

Victoria Police responded to the poll, revealing - the obvious - that it is an offence to use your phone to pay in a drive-thru.

“If you intend to use your mobile phone to pay at the drive-through window, apply the hand brake, switch the engine off and then access your mobile phone,” Victoria Police wrote.

“In doing so, you are not considered driving.”

Despite the fact the rule seems obvious, many motorists shared their outrage that the law had not "kept up with" technology.

“That is bloody ridiculous. Does that mean I can pull on the hand brake, turn off the car at traffic lights and use my phone? I am hoping this is a joke," one person wrote.

“You can’t seriously argue that using a mobile phone to pay for the food is too dangerous, but leaning out of the car window (often with both hands) to collect your food, drinks, whatever, is fine," added another.

While Vic Police told that officers are advised to "use discretion and common sense" regarding this law, if applied, drivers can lose between $336 and $554 (depending on state) and three to five demerit points.

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Written By Ally Parker