Shelley Craft Reveals Her Secret To Looking Fit And Fab On The Block

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Ever wonder how The Block’s Shelley Craft alway stays fit on camera? Turns out, Shelley sticks to a strict diet where she only eats during a six-hour window. 

The 43-year-old TV presenter (and let’s face it, an Aussie icon) revealed to Good Health & Wellbeing magazine that she follows an intermittent fasting diet.

For those not in the know, intermittent fasting involves strict periods of fasting and eating (e.g. eating for eight  hours, fasting for 16 hours in a 24 hour block).

Shelley spoke to the mag about her well-disciplined regime, where she only eats during a six-hour period, stopping at 6pm sharp, saying:

"I'll have a bulletproof coffee [coffee, oil and butter drink] for breakfast, then something to eat at midday,” she told the publication. 

“I've tried everything along the way – the 5:2, this and that – often for no reason other than curiosity. But I find this gets my digestion working really well, it never feels like I'm fasting and it really suits my lifestyle, which makes it way easier to commit to."

Even though it’s a tough diet to follow, with heavy restrictions on her food intake, Shelley said that fasting works like a charm, keeping her digesting working and overall suiting her lifestyle.

Along with her uber strict diet, Shelley said that she tries to incorporate outdoor activities with family around her busy schedule.

"We ride our bikes and walk everywhere, whether that's doing the grocery shopping, heading down to the beach, or taking the kids to school," she says.

 "We'll take the dogs for a walk, kick a soccer ball together or go for a swim in the ocean." 

Oh you go girl!

Image: Instagram/ Shelley Craft


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Written By Izzy Cuyuca