A Serious Investigation Into The New Bachie's Glasses

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We're starting the Bachie journey Agnew…

In case you missed it amid all the MAFS hullabaloo; we have a new Bachie!

Yup! His name is Matt Agnew. He's an astrophysicist and the folks at The Bachelor very much want you to know that he wears glasses.

Which is kind of weird 'cause...

... it looks like he doesn't actually wear glasses.

A quick flick through the soon-to-be-star's social media and, well... the evidence is pretty damning.

LinkedIn? No glasses. Twitter? No glasses. University profile? NO GLASSES (and that's probs prime glasses territory).

The 31-year-old also pens himself as an "ice cream enthusiast" on Twitter but that's beside the point.

The glasses. We're here about the glasses.

While yes, contact lenses and casual glasses wearing is a ~thing~ but if there's a time and a place to look smart, surely your professional profiles are it?

Thus fuelling the belief that the 'hot nerd' storyline is getting a real hard plug.

Backing up this assertion is the official announcement, which is literally just a thick pair of glasses and some sneaky New Idea paps from the set (in which his face is, once again, bare)

The whole thing got us to thinking: which other personalities could the Big Wigs in TV Land have gone for?

How else can we craft a personality on this blank Bachie canvas?

The answer: many!

Presenting: Dame Edna Bachie:

Presenting: Kanye Bachie:

Presenting: Pirate Bachie:

Presenting: Zorro Bachie:

Presenting: Harry Potter Bachie:

Presenting: Sleeptime Bachie:


Image: The Bachelor / CH10 / Instagram

Written By Ally Parker