Keira Maguire sets tongues waggin' after brunch date with Jarrod Woodgate

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Are they back together?

It was early September that we learned reality TV couple Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate called it quits. 

While many of us were hardly surprised - love from a reality TV show doesn't last?! SHOCKER - a few folks still poured one out for the couple that was.

Both parties didn't hold back either with Jarrod accusing Keira of being in the relo for followers/social fame and Keira coming back with what boils down to, 'You're just jealous."

”He would get really frustrated because I didn't have a job and [he] couldn't understand my lifestyle, earning money from Instagram," she told New Idea at the time.

"The thing is, I earn more than he does. Everyone thinks he's this rich man who owns a winery. He doesn't. He works on his parents' farm and wasn't supporting me financially. If anything, it was me spoiling the s--- out of him."

News today however, blows the whole - suuuuper public - breakup out of the water.

You see, the pair have enjoyed a casual Melb brunch together - totally at odds with their previous 'he said, she said' accusations.

An Instagram story shows the pair in the car together enjoying 'Without Me' by Halsey before moving on to a feed at Fourth Chapter.

Keira also recently visited Jarrod's family winey, Tom's Cap Vineyard, with some friends so perhaps they actually have reunited?

And the end of the day, it's anyones guess as to the relationship status of these two but one thing is certain...

We're 100 per cent here for the tea.

Image: Instagram / Keira Maguire


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Written By Ally Parker