Selena Gomez Slams Snapchat Filters And We're Shook

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"I think I'll just stick to the 'gram.”

Snapchat filters are all fun and games when you're a puppy or your face turns into a sausage, but Selena Gomez has noticed something and she's not happy.

Taking to social media to vent, the singer suggests all of the pretty filters have blue eyes while the ugly ones have brown.

Gomez goes through a number of filters to prove her point:

"Literally every single Snapchat filter has the blue eyes, but also like what if you have brown eyes?

"Am I supposed to have these eyes… to look good?"

She ends the video completely slamming Snapchat:

"I think I'll just stick to the 'gram. Brown eyes are beautiful, everyone."

Geez, CEO Evan Spiegel you may want to fix your filters because Gomez may not be the most followed person on Instagram anymore (losing the crown to Ariana Grande) but she sure as hell has a lot of followers. 

Just a casual 146 million, to be exact.

Image: Instagram


Here's the best piece of advice if you ever meet the guys from Hanson:

Written By Christina Cavaleri