Selena Gomez Cried And Vomited On National TV And Oh Honey...

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Selena Gomez

Literally our worst nightmare. 

Selena Gomez just lived out our worst fear. 

The Bad Liar star was left vomiting in her dressing room on the set of America's The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after taking on a hot wings challenge.

Selena agreed to join comedian Jimmy Fallon and put her taste buds to the test, tackling a series of chicken wings, doused in increasingly spicy hot sauce, as she was quizzed by Sean Evans, the host of viral YouTube show Hot Ones.

From the start, Selena admitted she had made a mistake in accepting the daring eat-off: 

"I'm gonna regret this," she quipped.

After chomping her way through four different wings and sauce options, the singer-actress was reduced to tears.

"I hate it!" she exclaimed, as she attempted to cool off with a glass of milk and water.

Turning to Evans, she cried, "Why do you do this to people?"

Selena later returned to the stage to sit down for her full interview with Fallon to promote her new movie The Dead Don't Die, and admitted she had headed straight for the bathroom as soon as the segment was over.

"Yeah, that was really fun," she told Fallon, sarcastically. "I'm like, throwing up in my dressing room. I'm never doing anything with you ever again."

Selena is the latest celebrity to face the Hot Ones challenge - Halle Berry and the Jonas Brothers also recently appeared on Evans' YouTube show.

Source: WENN

Image: JB Lacroix/WireImage


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