Scotty Cam furious at couple for not finishing their room on 'The Block'

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If they thought this week was hard, their punishment just made their next week even worse.

If you’re a fan of The Block series, like myself, you would have just been sitting on the couch in fury, again, like myself.

For those who haven’t watched last night’s episode, do not continue reading.

Jason and Sarah did not finish their master suite which includes a bedroom, a walk in robe and a ensuite. It’s the biggest room of the contestants 12 week challenge in what they described as “the week from hell”.

Now when I say “did not finish”, I don’t mean the painting isn’t done, a bit of furniture was missing, I mean they hardly started. 

The Block’s host, Scott Cam was obviously extremely disappointed especially when Jason argued insisting they “didn’t give up.”

“I’m definitely saying we didn't give up. 

“I find it offensive that you would say that Scotty.”

Probably not the best idea to talk back to Scotty:

“Well actually, I'm a bit offended as well, mate.

“I’m sorry that you're offended, mate, but you didn't do anything on Monday, I don't think you did anything on Friday and I'm assuming you did nothing on Saturday.”


History was made when the judges gave the couple three straight zeros. 

Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer’s comments were brutal to say the least.

Sarah spoke to News Corp about the experience:

“The judges were very unimpressed, they found it arrogant and rude.

“They didn’t know what we had done all week, and that was really hard to hear.

“We knew we were going to cop a bad report from that, but we weren’t quite prepared for how bad it was.

"We had only just seen our kids off at the airport before the room reveal filming, and it was all very raw.

“We had a pretty emotional day, and it was just another beating really.

“I thought, I can take this, because I’m already emotionally exhausted.

“But it was certainly hard to hear, it was an awful experience.”

If that didn’t leave them feeling sorry for themselves, what Scotty revealed next was about to push them over the edge. 

He admitted it was the “hardest thing” he has ever had to do on the show.

“10,000 couples applied to be on this series of The Block and wanted the opportunity you have now.

“You need to go hard or go home.

“In the interest of fair play I can’t let your lack of effort continue so here's how this is going to work and it's not negotiable.

“By next Sunday I want you to have fully completed your master suite and the room we are doing next week. 

“If you don't have them completed by tools down next Sunday, you are off The Block."

Well, they’ve just made that even harder for themselves now with next week’s room, the kitchen, plus their master suite. They would easily be the two hardest rooms and pretty sure they have little to no money.

“You are here on this series because you said, a number of times, ‘we have an attitude of never give up’” Scotty quoted.

Scotty spoke to Newscorp about the history making episode:

“I was pretty angry. I was disappointed. I was upset.

“It is a slap in the face. All of us have family issues on The Block. We’re all away from our children.

“Ronnie and Georgia’s kids are 3500 kilometres away (in Perth). Hannah and Clint are missing their kids. I’m missing my kids.

“They say they didn’t give up but they gave up. They just couldn’t be bothered.”

Fans were furious at the lack of respect Jason and Sarah gave to the competition.

This years series had a record breaking 10,000 applications and Jason and Sarah were lucky enough to be chosen. We're sure there were couples around Australia yelling at the screen saying "they could have been on this show and finished!"

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Written By Christina Cavaleri