Sam Smith Visiting IKEA For The First Time Is All Of Us

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“I am well and truly f*cked.”

Remember the first time you visited IKEA? 

You probs spent the first hour thinking ‘WOW, so cool, much organisation,” and filling your cart with items you had no idea you needed. 

Then you would have stumbled upon the magical land that is the food court and stuffed your face with IKEA’s iconic meatballs. 

At some point you would have needed the bathroom, and been unable to find one. 

Also at some point you would have realised you had no idea how to exit the building. 

Chances are when (if) you finally made it out of the store, you went home WITHOUT the one item you went to buy in the first place. 

Sam Smith got to pop his IKEA cherry over the weekend and his photos are everything. 

“Lost my IKEA virginity today. I am well and truly f*cked,” he captioned his social post. 

Here’s Sam pre-IKEA:

Sam Smith posing like the boss he is outside the gigantic Swedish furniture mecca, coffee at the ready, is a vibe we can relate to. 

How naive we were to think coffee and good spirits would save us from the IKEA curse. 

Sam clearly had no idea what was ‘in-store’ for him (pun intended). 

His second photo speaks to the soul of everyone who has ever spent time in the IKEA maze. 

Here is Sam, spread-eagled, nearing unconsciousness, over a pile of flat-pack boxes. 

The picture of exhaustion:

Same Sam, same. 

We wish him well on his future journeys. 

Written By Brynn Davies