Sam Frost gets brutally honest about what Gaz Beadle was like off-camera

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Turns out, he wasn’t all that great. 

Sam Frost doesn’t mince words. And we like that about her.

Trust her then to label her Hell’s Kitchen co-star Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle a big, fat sourpuss behind-the-scenes.

The 28-year-old told OK! magazine, Gaz didn’t socialise with any of the other castmembers off-camera… ever.

"He never went to the wrap party or anything... I was like, 'You're a bore!' Gaz was boring... He never once came out socially with us. Like, the whole crew would go out afterwards for a drink and he never came."

Let's just take a minute and discuss that. Gaz, Geordie Shore's resident party, didn't want to... party. Gaz, the show's resident partier for season after season, didn't want to... party.

There's even a GIF we found online that shows him saying "Let's party!". 

Gaz Beadle

So, what happened here? Has Gaz matured and checked out of the partying phase, making us feel super uncomfortable that we haven't yet? 'Cause um, yeah... it kind of looks like that's what's happening here. And we don't like it. 

Sam also told the mag she definitely wouldn't say call Gaz a close friend after filming. Because um, yeah, he's not who we thought he was anymore and what kind of 'close friend' just changes their identity like that with no notice whatsoever? Not a 'close' one, that's for sure.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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